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In the Public Interest: 

A Commitment to Community

We are deeply committed to advancing the public interest and to serving the communities in which we practice


Office.  He was also assigned, while at the US Department of Justice in Washington, to investigate allegations of official misconduct involving federal prosecutors and investigating agents.  Mr. Sullivan appreciates the role lawyers play in ensuring both fair and honest business practices and integrity in our public institutions.


We are committed to the important role of government -- and lawyers -- in protecting those most in need:  In his capacity as General Counsel for the Vermont Agency of Human Services, Mr. Sullivan was regularly involved in important healthcare reform and social services infrastructure projects and in that position he gained invaluable experience and insight into the legislative and administrative rule making processes as they related to programs designed to protect and safeguard those in need.   Mr. Sullivan knows that good lawyers have the ability to influence positively the development of public policy and the protection of the social welfare.

We are committed to pro bono and community service:  Mr. Sullivan currently serves as Board President of Dismas of Vermont, a Vermont based not for profit which provides through its four "houses" transitional housing to formerly incarcerated offenders; on the Board of Habitat for Humanity for Bennington County; and on the federal Criminal Justice Act panel for the District of Vermont.  He has also, among other projects, previously served for three multi-year terms on attorney misconduct and unlicensed practice of law investigative bodies for attorney regulation authorities; was selected on a pro bono basis to investigate allegations of official misconduct involving a later-indicted police chief of a major US city; helped form, actively supported and lectured for a national anti-human trafficking not-for-profit organization; and has been the recipient of a Bar award for his meritorious service to the legal profession.



We are committed to helping to preserving the integrity of our institutions and to furthering honesty and ethics in business:  As a former Assistant United States Attorney, our founder, Allan Sullivan, led numerous white collar investigations and prosecutions.  He served as Chief of the Criminal Division for a major US Attorneys

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