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Allan J. Sullivan

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Allan J. Sullivan

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Represents companies and individuals in the litigation and resolution of disputes (civil, criminal & regulatory) in the federal and state courts. Advises companies – large and small – as to their most sensitive and complex business affairs.  

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of Legal Experience


Mr. Sullivan has for decades served businesses, their managers, owners and investors, as well as individual clients, with respect to their most important transactions, controversies and personal issues.

He has frequently been called on as well to help manage internal corporate compliance challenges, to advise Audit Committees and executive management as to sensitive regulatory matters, to conduct internal investigations, and to design and audit compliance and integrity programs. 

During a legal career spanning over 35 years, Mr. Sullivan has, among other things, served for over 10 years as a federal prosecutor in one of the nation's busiest judicial districts; as an equity partner in one of the world's leading international law firms; as General Counsel for the largest government agency in the State of Vermont; and well over 20 years as a criminal and regulatory defense practitioner.

A seasoned litigator and trial attorney, Mr. Sullivan has regularly represented litigants in high stakes commercial disputes and companies and individuals facing criminal and regulatory charges. 

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